Create the new value of plastic

We create the new value of plastic, take to you the new value with our core job ; making the gaskets for the battery.

We have tried "MONODUKURI" that is making anythings with hi quarity gaskets of batteries etc, and We are supported by many people for 30 years . We have build reliances of most costermers as Only One Company with as a full-time manufacturer of gaskets all aver the world.


Our characteristics and strengths

  • 1.We have the records and reliances of share No.1 for Li-ion batteries providing.

    Providing 120millions gaskets since 2008.

  • 2.We have technological strength of developing gasket the first providing in the world for rectangular small batteries.
  • 3.We have a challenge for guarantee of quality for 15years.
  • 4.We can produce the plan of plastics products comprehensively by our technique about injection molding plastic.
  • 5.We can manage a wide range of plastics products for all costermers by our experience, technical knowledge, equipment, etc. comprehensively.
  • 6.We have original development by original plant with customer needs.
  • 7.We have speed correspondence and total support for your satisfactions.